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I work in tech PR at EML Wildfire, and have a few opinions about social media and online PR. You'll find some of them here, in amongst the stuff to do with music and my attempts at photography.

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    The consumerisation of music technology

    'The consumerisation of IT' is an established trend, as consumer technology is advancing so swiftly it's having some interesting affects on enterprise tech. Tablet devices, smartphones, social networks and BYOD are forcing exciting things to happen to business computing and causing a few headaches for IT managers and CIOs. But IT is not the only industry that these technologies are having an affect. A year and a half ago, Damon Albarn creating an album on an iPadwas seen as gimmicky. It is pretty easy to see a lot of what Damon Albarn gets up to as gimmicky, but I happen to believe that most of his prolific output is in earnest. This is a man who wrote an critically acclaimed opera about a cartoon monkey, after all. So I had a hunch that there may be something in this endeavour beyond a headline. Some of the negativity came down to one thing.

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    Slow Burn

    First experiment in making electronic music. I’ve always found a lot of electronic music to be very cold, lacks what acoustic music can do so well. So I’ve tried to make something electronic that sounds warm. It’s just me mucking about really…

    Slow Burn by Life in a Glasshouse

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • March 19th, 2011

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