I’ve decided I’m going to do a weekly blog on each week’s training, to keep track of how each week’s gone. I spent much of New Year’s Eve putting my training schedule into a pretty spreadsheet, and was going to add notes to each week’s column, but then thought why not just post them here?

Anyway, suffice to say the first week of my 16 week training schedule was rubbish. I was ill over the Christmas break, cold which turned into a bit of a chest infection. I managed to get out for short runs a couple of times before the weekend, but it wasn’t until the weekend I felt up to doing anything more. Perhaps because those short runs had prolonged my recovery, to be honest. So I managed 49km of the 86km I’d planned (the schedule, by the way, is a tweaked version of one from Pete Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning)

Yesterday’s long run was the first I’d done with some new gear I got for Christmas though, 24km at 4:48 per km. So not super quick but it felt OK and my new TomTom Runner GPS watch and Brooks Ravenna 5s served me well, the shoes in particular feeling very comfortable over a reasonable distance.

It has occurred to me today though that 4:48 per km, although it feels slow to me, is technically only 10% slower than I need to run in the marathon to break three hours. Which sounds OK doesn’t it? Definitely better than needing to run 32 seconds per km faster, despite meaning the exact same thing.

Also thinking hard about fundraising tactics, and you could help out massively here by sponsoring me! I’m running for the very worth cause of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

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