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I work in tech PR at EML Wildfire, and have a few opinions about social media and online PR. You'll find some of them here, in amongst the stuff to do with music and my attempts at photography.

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    Travel writing: why it sucks

    This is Andrew Mueller talking at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne about the problems with travel writing. I thought I’d repost here as having worked in travel media for three years, it sums up quite a lot of what frustrated me. Andrew brings up a lot of good points, and I can’t help but agree with pretty much everything he says.

    I might be more incredulous, if it weren’t for the fact that Andrew is author of my favourite travel book ever.

    I recommend you watch the whole way through, he does get a bit more positive towards the end.

    You can watch the original on the Wheeler Centre’s website.

    NB: My band once played a gig with Andrew’s band at the Brixton Jamm, but at the time I had no idea who he was.

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • October 29th, 2010

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