Well, week two of training was a lot better than week one, not that that’s saying much. Still suffering the very tail end of the cold (a cough that will just not sod off) so still not totally optimal, but better.

Tuesday was pretty much my first midweek longish run, I’ve only ever run 14km max on a week day and I did 18km. A morning run too, after a super early morning to get into the office on Monday, but I didn’t feel tired.

Unfortunately, tiredness hit me by Wednesday when I was supposed to notch up a half marathon distance (21km) but only mustered a slow 10km and a bit. If I’m going to manage two hard days in a row like that in future I’ll have to seriously think about nutrition and how I’ll manage to get enough sleep.

Then I missed the recovery run on the Thursday as I went into the office (going into the office is a 6 hour round trip for me; doesn’t leave much time in the day for training!) but was feeling good again for Friday’s workout. I say I was feeling good for Friday’s workout, but the tempo run of 14km with 6km at half marathon pace (should be around 4mins 7secs per kilometre) sleighed me. I managed to go a bit faster for kilometres 8 to 12, but not what I’d call my half marathon pace proper.

Then I did a comfortable recovery run on the treadmill on Saturday, after some strength training in the gym. Which hit me for the medium long run (24km) on Sunday, my legs feeling really rather heavy towards the end, which meant my pace was actually a second slower than the previous Sunday’s 24km when I was still recovering from the cold. I’d also run out of my electrolytey sports drink stuff, which might normally have helped stop my legs from getting stiff.

I’m not too worried about these pace issues at the moment though. Still recovering from illness, and I’m in the ‘aerobic base’ period at the moment anyway, meaning logging the miles is much more important than how fast I’m doing them.

As ever, I’m doing this silliness for the wonderful folk at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so should the motion take you you may sponsor me here.

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