This was the first week of the schedule that I felt myself again. Cough is still niggling but I wouldn’t say it’s affecting my running anymore. For most of the week I felt good. I did cut several runs short by a couple of kilometres, but only because I had to get to work. Need to work on my getting up earlier rather than my endurance!

Tuesday was the first speed work I’ve really enjoyed. 12km (was supposed to be 14) with 100 metre strides (this just means speeding up to a sprint over 100 metres). Thought I’d struggle but I found the strides a lot easier than longer but slower intervals. First time I’d used my TomTom Runner GPS watch to program repeats like that too and it worked a treat.
Wednesday I hammered out a half marathon, first time I’ve done that midweek. Did do it in the dark whilst sleeting, which didn’t make it a lot of fun. The kind of run that feels like an achievement in itself! Though again, it was supposed to be 23km.
Thursday I took my new Nike Free 5.0s for a spin on the treadmill for a short 8km after some strength work. Don’t expect to be wearing them much but wanted some semi flats for the Longleat 10k which is coming up soon. They’re comfortable, totally different sensation to my heavily structured and bouncy Brooks Ravenna 5s so will need to take them out a couple more times to get used to that.
Another reasonable distance on Friday, 16km, though dropped 2km from the 18 I was supposed to do. Saturday’s recovery 10km really felt like it helped me recover, had to resist the temptation to run it faster.
Then yesterday I ran the longest I’ve ever run, 30km. Not ludicrously longer than I’ve done before but it’s long enough now that it’s reassured me I can at least finish the marathon comfortably. It wasn’t quick, 4:46 per km pace, but that’s slightly faster than I’ve done my last few medium long runs, which have been shorter. And I felt really comfortable, didn’t push myself.
Only regret is I’ve finished the week having run 97km. If I’d got out the door a bit earlier on a couple of the days I had to cut short I’d have finished my first +100km week! Should see to that next week though.
I’m training for the London Marathon, running for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Sponsor me here.
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