I may have got a bit overexcited about the delivery I’ve got coming tomorrow, and read just about every single iPhone 6 review on the internet.

TechCrunch has two.

One, is basically the best one out there. Matthew Panzarino’s account of his experience taking the 6 and 6 Plus to Disneyland. It’s excellent as –

  1. It gives you an actual account of using the devices in a demanding real life situation
  2. It’s different to all of the other reviews, so it stands out

The other standard TechCrunch iPhone 6 review, does neither of these things. And it’s one of the only reviews I can’t be bothered to read in full because it just looks so terrible.

TechCrunch’s upstart rivals have really focussed great presentation, excellent video and photography. The Verge’s review is a case in point, exactly what you’d expect from the tech news outlet that’s using great presentation as well as good writing to differentiate itself.

Even Mashable has gone all out in the presentation of its review, making a huge effort to make it look great, new and different.

Meanwhile TechCrunch’s main review, for what is (let’s face it) one of the biggest tech product launches of the year, a product that itself is focussed on aesthetically beautiful design and photography, features dark and grainy shots with the writer’s arm hair in the background. Aside from anything, how am I suppose to trust your opinion on how good the iPhone 6’s camera is, if you’ve not shown me you can actually take a decent picture yourself?

If you’re listening, AOL’s TechCrunch bosses, the reason you might be losing readers of your consumer tech content to The Verge and Mashable is exactly this. When you’re writing about news of a database software startup getting funding, photos don’t matter. When you’re writing a review of the iPhone 6, they bloody well do.

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