Twitter has now announced it’s opening its analytics platform to everyone. Which is a bit of a surprise to me as I thought everyone had it already.

I’ve had access on my personal account since July when it launched. Which is kind of odd as I don’t advertise through my personal account.

Anyway, this has been a long time in coming. People have been talking about getting better analytics for twitter pretty much since the platform was started, and having recently read Nick Bilton’s Hatching Twitter, I can see why it’s been tough to implement.

It’s obviously handy for brands and marketers to be more targeted and effective in their activity. But that is booorrring. The interesting thing about it, now that it’s open to everyone, is how it could change how normal people tweet. Martin Bryant touched on the idea on The Next Web:

This is incredibly powerful data for social media marketers, but could we be spoiled by it as individual users?

I have to say, since I’ve had access, it has changed the way I tweet. But not in that it’s made me addicted to ‘engagement’ or obsessive about the time of day or anything like that. The only thing it’s changed is frequency.

I’ve always been a little bit cautious with the ‘tweet’ button. I like to think I have followers who expect a certain kind of content from me and if I’m going to share something, it better be good. It’s kind of a personality trait I suppose, I’m a thinker not a talker, and that translates in my behaviour on twitter. On average, I’ve tweeted about 2.5 times a day over the years since I activated my account. Not that much for a supposed social media / PR type.

Now having concrete evidence that only around 10% of my followers even see the majority of my tweets, I’ve started to be more zealous, and less cautious.

I’ve always told clients that the first and simplest step to building an audience on twitter is just ‘tweet more’, but not particularly done that myself in practice. My new attitude that’s a bit more ‘tweet now, think later’, twitter analytics tells me has led to about 40% more impressions, and the followers are steadily increasing too.

photo credit: Ian Sane

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